Sunday, July 20, 2008

5th Questions

Q. What do you make of mankind's behaviour to each other?

A. It lacks honesty. None of you can be 100% honest about how you feel. You have loyalty in the wrong places. A bishop will side with a sex offending priest and not with the victim. This type of behaviour is puzzling to me, and I fail to understand its motivation. I would think that by now you would have found had great it is to be brutally honest. That doesn't mean you will offend each other. You would learn to treasure the words from others, and you would soon discover that each of us own our own feelings. How you react and how other people react are personal and individual feelings. You can not control how someone else feels. You can not take responsibility for other people's reactions. Imagine how good it would feel to say how you feel without being concerned about how others feel. They can express that themselves.

Q. Won't others be offended by that?

A. That is my point. When you spend so much time concerned with how others will react to you, you stop being honest. We all must learn to own our own feelings and express those as we like. Whether or not someone else takes offence is really not your problem.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

4th Questions

Q. People say that this is the end times. Is it?

A. End times? What do you know about end times. This Great Lit has longer to go yet, much longer than your species will be about. Not too long now for me, another few billion years.

Q. Billion? How do you know.

A. The signs are there. The sun is slightly cooler now. I can feel the strings of the universe getting tight. All set for a big bounce.

Q. Surely the sun won't have an impact on the end of the, um, the Great Lit

A. Not directly. But the stars are held together by some force that I can't see, I can sense it sometimes. Each time a star dies that string is broken. The strings snap back and rip though The Great Lit, causing a cascading effect. That's what I can feel. The first sign is a cooling of the sun, its very minor, perhaps its just the earth heating I can feel.

Q. So the earth is heating?

A. What are you silly? Of course it is, you don't think you can dig up all those fossil fuels, burn them and not have an impact on your environment. I must say, of all the times I have been in the Great Lit, you are one of the most reckless and unthinking types. It comes from your own arrogance. Yes you can get hurt, yes your planet will respond. It's an eco-system. You just can't simply walk all over it and expect it to be the same always.

Q. What shall we do?

A. Do? Change your ways. Your spot on the planet is so short, the planet's spot in The Great Unlit is tiny, so you best make the most of it. Before you know it the sparrows will stop farting and you will be no more. Did you want it to last a bit longer? Then turn the generators off. Stop digging up oil and making plastic out of it. Plant more trees than you cut down. Its all very simple.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

3rd Questions

Q. What do you make of us, as a species?

A. You are truly remarkable. No where, in any of the Great Lit, have I seen such bonds between a species.

Q. Surely other cultures have families. Its called the fundamental building block of our society. The whole of our western civillisation is built on that.

A. You misunderstand me. All beings come together and form a family, sometimes its merely for the exchange of bodily fluids. Sometimes its for protection against predators, and sometimes it is a life long commitment to another being. However, you humans, you extend this. Family is really secondary. Its a very strong influence upon you, nature sees to that. But you have an incredible ability to extend yourselves. You form relationship with those outside your family. I'm not talking about that need you have to find a partner, I'm talking about just friendship with no expectation other than that. It is truly amazing. No other species does this. Your ability to love and share with those not related to you is unique, and should be treasured. It goes beyond simply getting on with each other. I have seen the agony of separation. There are tears of regret when one of you moves away. You have a yearning to share with each other the experience of your life, you actually seek out those friends that you like to be with so you can spend time with them. You stand on a cliff top and look out to sea, hoping to catch a glimpse, a whisper of those departed. Even when distance separates you from your friends, you continue to stay in touch, you continue to touch each others lives. You continue to offer love and support to each other. Your lives are so short. Really short, think about your place in the grand scheme of the Great Lit. You are but a sparrows fart in the atmosphere, and you risk so much with your minds, you risk so much with your hearts. You step out of your comfort zone to be with those you love, when the pain and anxiety of change occurs you pull together and are there to help each other. Nature would dictate that you simply move on, yet you harbour regret. That's no to diminish you, but to praise and honour you. You should always keep your friends.

Q . Do you have friends?

A. I do indeed have friends. Across all of time and space, I am amazed to find people that are stunning. I keep to my self, as one does when a llama. I have plenty of friends, but few that I consider to be close, personal friends. I have learned that llama's come into my life, enrich it and then they trot off somewhere else and are soon forgotten. I've also learned that some come into my life, and have a bigger impact than anyone else. For this those llama's have my respect and admiration, for truly they are bright glowing stars in the richness of the fabric of this reality, and I treasure that. I know that no distance, no matter how great, diminishes all that I am and all that my friends are, and all that we are together.
(for Leigh)

Saturday, April 7, 2007

2nd Questions

Q. Why do you use that title, the grand and most high order thing?
I don't. I prefer Bruce, others give me a title, it means nothing.

Q. Bruce?
Bruce is a name I have used always. I am the first, I expect to be the last.

Q. So you consider yourself the first and last, the alpha and the omega?
Yes. But only with the name Bruce. I have introduced the name into every world that has had civilisation.

Q. Do you inhabit a world in every cycle?
No. Mostly I find myself on a world. But life is rare in my experience.

Q. Do you seek out life?
I have no way of moving about. Once I land on a rock, I must stay till The Great Unlit. As much as possible I try to avoid landing until I see the stars forming - but that is a folly. I am drawn, not guided.

Q. Drawn by what?
There are many forces you have no knowledge of, and I suspect that there are many things of which I have no knowledge of. Sometimes there is order. Stars spin in great circles, planets orbit. Other times, things bounce, explode, reform and bounce again. Those times last very little, and then another Great Unlit. Life requires order. When order falters because a system starts to bounce, then the Great Unlit begins. I am not aware of any beings, apart from me, getting to the Great Unlit. All things pass before the final incoming of all light. Then its gone.

Q. How do you survive?
I don't. I just am. I do not hunger or thirst. I do not feel pain.

Q. So, during the Great Unlit where are you?
There is no where to be, there is nothing, just the Great Unlit. I'm not zipping down to KFC for a chicken burger. There is nothing that I can sense. Not even me.

Q. No even you? How do you know your there if you can't sense yourself?
Well, I'm not sure. It always seems like such a long period, but at other times it appears to be very brief before I sense a tugging.

Q. So you experience some sort of physical sensation?
More like a sort of awareness. As far as I can tell, I have no physical form. In the Great Unlit there is no way to know.

Q. What do you make of us Humans?
You are indeed an interesting species. I have encounted you before, well, the likes of you before. Always with your god things and your weapons of destruction.

Q. How does it end?
Sometimes your Sun dies before you have a chance to blow yourselves up. Other times you manage to develop some huge weapon that destroys the lot. It never ceases to amaze me that when religion develops, so to do weapons, and in the end its opposing religions that kill each other. Even though its obvious to all that this god thing couldn't possibly exist, they carry on and it all ends in tears. Sometimes, as a species, you look quiet shocked. I can only ponder - how do you think it was going to end.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

1st Questions

Q. Are you immortal?
I don't know - I have not died yet, but then, neither have you. Are you immortal?

Q. Well, I expect to live eighty years or so. What's your expectation?
I have no expectation. I may continue to be or I may cease to be - the matter is not within my understanding.

Q. How long have you been alive?
I have no way of knowing.

Q. Since the beginning?
Since the beginning of what? The Universe, the big bang? I was before then. I have seen many cycles. Too many to count and I have no method of counting in numbers that large. I once tried, but during The Great Unlit I have no method to gauge the passage of time. Indeed there is not time - just The Great Unlit. This is true nothingness. I sense no thing, no air, no water, no gas, no light, no rock. Nothing at all. I dwell here and I wait for the next Great Lit; sometimes it starts with a gradual pulling together and then an expansion of things I can't sense. Other times I see a bright light and ride the wave of energy that surges about me, carrying me to the outermost reaches of the Great Lit area.

Q. Wait - the universe inhabits an area?
As far as I can tell there is a limit - a barrier that prevents the Great Lit from expanding more. When it reaches there, we bounce and head towards The Great Unlit. This is the cycle.

Q. Do you cause things to happen? Can you create the Universe? Are you the first cause?
I am not a cause, I can not create. I have no power to cause, nor have I seen a cause.

Q. Are there others like you?
I have no idea. The Great Lit Area is great - it extends beyond all things, and in all my cycles I have not seen or felt any other as I am.

Q. Is there a god?
I have no reason to believe so. Sometimes in the Great Lit, beings come along, sometimes they conceive a god, sometimes the beings try to make me a god, but I can do nothing to cause or create. This strange concept of god has never shown itself to me in all the many cycles.

Q. Is there more darkness than light?
I have not seen darkness, only The Great Unlit. There is nothing, no darkness and no lightness. Sometimes I see, way off a small spark of light and then I know another cycle is starting. Sometimes I am to far from the spark and the light never reaches me. Sometimes I bounce as the light hits the barrier, but then all is heading towards The Great Unlit as I bounce to the centre watching stars and rocks collide and disappear.

Q. Centre, is it like a sphere that we're in?
I don't know. I have never been able to ascertain a shape. I have never been so removed to sense a shape.